Gamis / Thawb / Thobe

 Koko / Gamis / Khamis / Arab Style / Thawb (ثَوب) / Thobe/ Kandura (كَندورَة ) / Batik / Dishdasha (دِشداشَة)/ Jalabiyyah / Besht (بشت) / Abat (عباة)

Made from cotton rayon fabric .
Light and cool material. Absorbs sweat . Suitable for your active child.

Size Option:
– S ages 3-6 month
– M ages 6-12 month
– L ages 12-24 month

– L1 ages 4-5 Year
– L2 ages 5-6 Year
– L3 ages 7-8 Year

Colors Option :
– Gray – Black – White – Green Tosca – Dark Brown – Light Brown – Red

Please do confirmation for stock availability in advance before ordering.

Sometimes the photos looks incompatible with the real goods, this is due to lighting factors, camera , etc .

Once the goods are shipped , full responsibility will be on shipping company.

Before you buy and make transactions , first please do research the items you want to be purchased , size and color and motif . We are pleased to answer any of your question.

Upon receiving good, please immediately confirm receipt of the goods .

#hamzahkiddo #boysthobe #boysthawb #khamis #gamis #moslemwear

Price : IDR 30.000 – IDR 40.000

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