Cotton – the most popular fabric

It is said that half of people in the world using cotton fabric as their cloth material. Made from cotton flower, manufacturer takes it fibre only to produce yarn and let the other part for other purpose. Says the seed, they using it as cooking oil. Or they feed it to animal as the seed is rich in protein.

Why it so popular?lets find out!

1. Absorption
Cotton can pass the heat from our body to the air through its fibre. Its absors sweat and at the same time release heat. That why 100% cotton is very comfortable to be used during hot season since its passing the body heat.

2. Durability
The good thing about its durability is during wet (says it drowned or being washed) the cotton is stronger. Its elastic, not easy to tear off and very strong fabric. You may use your cotton cloth on wide use variety such as sport cloth, cooking, workshop, etc.

3. Custom painting
Thanks to its natural fibre, cotton is very good to be painted. Its fibre absorb ink effectively. Bleeding or unpredicted ink spread is very rare issue for cotton fabric. Your company logo or picture you need to be painted/printed on cotton will be good as designed.

4. Go green product
Cotton is made from cottonflower that can be regrow sustainably. Cotton plant is very tough in hars environment. In China, they made a dessert become green with this plant.

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